Request Money for Our Media Center!

We have a great opportunity to easily help the library renovation project. James Patterson is teaming with Scholastic to donate $1.25 million to school libraries! Any number of us can apply for this grant, and if a grant is awarded, we will get a matching number of scholastic points. The deadline is May 31st, and it only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Jamie Allbach has requested very nice tables and chairs for our students – below is what one parent submitted that gives all the details and costs you’ll need to include. (Please feel free to re-word the submission.)

Just go to:  – and here’s a sample submission to copy and paste:

We would purchase ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable tables for our students to use in the media center. Our media center has been under renovation gradually this past year to create spaces for different kinds of learning, to better integrate technology and various media, and to better serve our students. New furniture is a big expense that we are still trying to fund.

The desired chairs move so children are more comfortable, focus better, and have improved posture. The chairs are $141 each, and we need 28 for a total of $3,948. The tables we want can be raised for students to use while standing — for example, working on robotics projects. They can also be lowered to fit the youngest kindergartners. The tables are $937.50 each, and we need 7 for a total of $6,562.50.

You will also need this info and can copy and paste into the application:

Claxton Elementary School
Kimberly Dechant
241 Merrimon Ave., Asheville 28801
460 students, K-5
Request $10,000
Expense breakdown: Ergonomic Chairs x 28 = $3900, Adjustable Group Tables x 7 = $6100 (we can only apply for $10,000 max)
Funds available by July 13th
Check should be made to Claxton Elementary School
Teacher points should go to Jamie Allbach

Book Fair – volunteers needed!

The Spring Book Fair is coming, and we will also need many volunteers to help with that – please take a look at this signup sheet to see if you can pitch in –

The dates are as follows: 5/21 (Set up, teacher preview, and then The Celebration on Learning Potluck in the evening), 5/22, 5/25 (only till noon), 5/26, and 5/27. The hours will be 7:45 AM to 3 pm (except Memorial Day, our half day of school).

Field Day – Sign up to Help!

Coach Swain and the kids are gearing up for Field Day! He needs parents to man each station/game during this exciting event – please see the link below for info on each station and sign up if you can help! It will be May 11th (3rd-5th grades) and May 12th (K-2nd grades) at Memorial Stadium. See the signup sheet for times:

Staff Appreciation Week – Show some love to our teachers!

Teacher Appreciation week is May 4th – May 8th.  We’ve come up with a few ideas to show our teachers how much we appreciate them.  Please also consider any assistant, specialist or someone else who you would like to thank. Feel free to follow the suggestions below or come up with your own way to show your appreciation.

See all the details here for suggestions of what to bring to school next week for Staff Appreciation Week!

Monday – gifts cards (deliver to teacher)
Tuesday – (breakfast being provided)
Wednesday – hand-made cards, baked goods (cards to teachers, goodies to teacher’s lounge)
Thursday – school supplies (deliver to teacher) – see requested supplies here
Friday – chocolate or flowers from your yard (send with your child)